30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

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Diplomacy is Picard’s strong suit when Kirk just wants to be right

Kirk is the kind of guy who acts first and then asks questions after. It is how he got himself into every messy situation he ever found himself in. Just for the perspective of everyone, let us look at Pine’s Kirk. For instance, he could have avoided everything that happened in Star Trek Beyond if he just asked some questions first.

Instead, he trusted someone and then learned the hard way that that was a huge mistake. For Picard, he is all about diplomacy and making sure he is assessing the situation to the best of his ability. Stewart even said so himself in a letter to Gene Roddenberry. He says that Picard is a diplomat who wants to make the best decision for the situation.

Again, this one is more about your preference when it comes to terrible situations. Who do you want to lead you? A man who is just going to jump head first into it and figure it out as he goes along (which sometimes works out for the better) or a man who assesses the entire situation to make sure that he is being as fair and just as possible?

I’d say the man who works towards making an easy and peaceful transition but that’s just me.