30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

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The crew of the starship works in teams with Picard

With the original series of Star Trek, Captain James Tiberius Kirk pretty much works with just his boys out in the field. It is either Kirk and Bones, Kirk and Spock, or Kirk, Bones, and Spock. With Picard, it isn’t that straight forward.

They fixed this problem with the new Star Trek movies because Kirk has worked one on one with pretty much everyone but in the original series, it was cut and dry those three guys. So, with Picard, one of the greatest things was watching him work with a lot of different people and get to see the dynamics between them all.

It isn’t about being inclusive or working with everyone on his crew but more about seeing how Picard worked with different people. If he had to work with someone, we got to see that initial reaction as well as how he dealt with them in the field. With Kirk, everything was kind of base level because a lot of them never left the ship.

So Picard is better in this regard because we got to learn more about each character through him. We got to see how he reacted to a whole group of people and it was fun to see.