30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

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Picard is a wine connaisseur

The Klingons are some of the fiercest foes that Starfleet as ever encountered. Kirk has fought them time and time again and then there is Picard. Not only does he have a Klingon amongst his crew (and Worf is awesome) but he also got to crown the leader of the Klingon high council.

That is no easy feat and it makes Picard just that little bit better than Kirk. At this point, it is a game of who is better than who simply because the two of them are both amazing in their own rights. Kirk has his slew of strong suits and so does Picard. But things like this make Picard a generally better captain.

He works hard to make peace with even the most vicious of societies because that is his job. He is meant to search the galaxies and find new worlds and seek out peace among the stars. So, in conclusion, Picard is just really good at his job and it means that he can gain respect from even the most war like of species. It is how he is and he deserves our respect as a better captain than Captain James Tiberius Kirk as well.