30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

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Picard gets other cultures to respect him while Kirk unsuccessfully tires to respect other cultures.

We are going to explain this in modern day terminology so everyone understands. Let’s say that Captain Picard is a feminist who believes that even within the realm of feminism, there are racial standards that need addressed and that we, as a society are still sexist. Okay? If that is Picard, Kirk is that guy that says some terrible things and then follows it up with “I’m a feminist, I think women need to be our equals but I’m also now losing my rights as a white man.”

That’s the difference between these two when it comes to other cultures. Kirk tries to understand but can’t relate because they are not him. Picard is open minded and sees where all sides are coming from and grows from there.

It is just how it is. And it makes Picard just that little bit better. I’m sure there would have been a moment where Kirk said “all lives matter” in one of his speeches because he just doesn’t understand that there are differences in cultures and that there are problems in even their universe that need addressed.

So Picard continues to prove himself by respecting other cultures and teaching us about acceptance.