30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

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Picard will talk his way out of any captive situation, Kirk screams in agony

"Picard is a leader, negotiator, peace-maker, ombudsman. He thinks, he talks, he assesses, he bluff (for all which qualities I love him, as I am the one who has said again and again that this Captain is a diplomat an ambassador) but essentially, in each of these five stories, he is a reactor, hardly ever, what I think we used to call in days long gone, a protagonist.”"

Picard is easily the best debater out of the two captains and Patrick Stewart even said so himself in a letter he wrote to Gene Roddenberry. He wanted the creator of Star Trek on his side and to see Picard as he did.

So he wrote him a very long letter expressing his feelings about the character and this quote is part of that letter. And it perfectly explains why Picard is a better captain than Kirk is. He looks at every situation, assesses it and then goes on and does exactly what he needs to do to succeed.

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Kirk pretty much acts and then tries to backtrack and make the situation work in his favor. It is just how he operates. And it makes Picard a better captain overall because he just looks at the situation and figures out the best course of action.