The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Georgia – DeForest Kelley

Trekkies will always fondly remember and have the greatest respect for the original cast. That certainly holds true for DeForest Kelley, who plays Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the original series. After the end of the original TV run, Kelley would reprise the role many times for the rest of his career. This includes the animated series and other voiceover appearances, as well as all six Star Trek feature films.

A Georgia native, Kelley has a plethora of acting gigs on his resume. He came into Star Trek with plenty of experience already. He was a natural for Westerns, having appeared in many. But even with all of the other acting roles, Kelley is surely best known for playing Bones so many times in the Star Trek franchise. He’s the favorite character of many fans of the original show.

Kelley didn’t like the fact that casting directors were typecasting him after Star Trek. But even after going into a de facto retirement, Kelley would always reprise the role of Bones. The legendary Star Trek actor would later say how proud he is about being told by so many people that they studied to become doctors because of the character’s influence.