The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Charles Napier on Star Trek – Courtesy of CBS

Kentucky – Charles L. Napier

You can surely recognize the character actor Charles L. Napier if you’ve been watching movies for a while. The deceased actor has been in so many TV shows and feature films it’d be unlikely if you haven’t seen him. Typically, he plays authority figures, such as soldiers or policemen. Perhaps that’s because he served in the army prior to diving full time into an acting career.

Although you may recognize Napier best from, say, The Silence of the Lambs or Austin Powers, he had delved into the Star Trek universe earlier in his career. On the original series, he played a role very unlike the gruff soldiers he came to be known for. He plays a musically inclined space hippie named Adam in the episode “The Way to Eden”. It’s not a big role but it’s certainly a very entertaining one.

Years later, Napier would return to Star Trek by acting in an episode of Deep Space Nine. In the episode “Little Green Men”, he plays General Denning. It’s very different from Adam the space hippie, but Napier plays both of these minor Trek roles very efficiently. Despite the typecasting Napier would go through, he actually had an incredible range as an actor.