The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Michael Ensign as Krola on Star Trek: The Next Generation – Courtesy of Paramount/CBS

Arizona – Michael Ensign

Michael Ensign is a prolific actor, having first hit the scene in 1972. He has gone on to appear in many feature films and television shows. He even lends his voice to the Crash Bandicoot video games. But with a last name like Ensign, it seems obvious he would somehow be involved in the Star Trek universe as well.

Ensign has not exactly had one particular big, recurring role in the Star Trek realm. However, he does have the distinct honor of appearing on four of its different television shows. By showing his face in each of those shows, he’s accomplished what many Trekkies could only dream of.

On The Next Generation, he plays Minister Krola in “First Contact”. He then appears in Deep Space Nine as Lojal in “The Forsaken”. Ensign goes on to show up in Voyager in the episode “False Profits” as a Bard. Finally, he would appear in the Enterprise episode “Stigma” as Dr. Orett. If only he hadn’t started his acting career in the 70s, he surely would have been in the original series as well.

There’s no word yet as to whether Ensign will appear in the upcoming TV series Star Trek: Discovery. But we can only hope so, to keep the tradition going.