The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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Wisconsin – Marc Alaimo

The Milwaukee born actor Marc Alaimo is another actor primarily known for playing villainous type roles. Since the early 1970s, he has been acting regularly in many, many different parts. Most of the time, he plays bad guys, as he’s incredibly intimidating and a very convincing villain.

Alaimo would definitely get his feet wet in the Star Trek world by portraying many different characters. This would start with Star Trek: The Next Generation in which he plays Commander Tebok, the first Romulan shown in the series. He also plays the first Cardassian, and later a French speaking poker player who has a scene with Data. Alaimo was providing a lot to Star Trek, and he was definitely deserving of being brought in for a bigger role in the canon.

It wouldn’t be until Deep Space Nine when Alaimo would get a real, recurring role on Star Trek as Gul Dukat. This is by far his biggest role. As another Cardassian, Dukat is the primary villain on the show. He appears in nearly forty episodes, including both the pilot and the series finale. He was constantly clashing with the protagonist Captain Sisko, at times putting their differences aside to work together as well.