The Best Star Trek Actor From Each State

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California – George Takei

Trekkie or not, most people know who George Takei is. The lovable actor is a well respected figure in pop culture, with massive followings on social media. But his rise to fame traces all the way back to Star Trek, the original series. His run in the franchise is legendary, as any Star Trek fan could attest.

As you know, Takei plays the Helmsman of the USS Enterprise, Hikaru Sulu. He’d go on to reprise the role in six Star Trek feature films, later having a cameo on Star Trek: Voyager. He’d also do the voice of Sulu in The Animated Series, as well as various computer games. Sulu is a beloved member of the original crew whose performance by Takei is surely what makes the character so likable.

These days, Takei isn’t acting as much, though he’s very involved in the sci-fi scene. He’s a regular at festivals and various science fiction events. Takei’s also an activist for LGBT rights and is heavily involved with that as well. The man is someone who is well known for one reason or another to most people. Whether it’s though his advocate work, posting funny memes on Facebook, or having played Sulu for so many years.