Will Star Trek: Discovery Change Classic Trek Aliens?


With the recent leak of Star Trek: Discovery’s take on Klingons, many fans are wondering if a similar modification will happen to other iconic Trek aliens.

Throughout its 50 years, Star Trek has undergone many technical and design changes. Some of these were related to budget, while others to the creative teams behind each iteration of Trek.

For instance, the look and culture of Klingons have had 3 major updates and is set to change again with Star Trek: Discovery. And while Trek writers did attempt to explain the inconsistencies with their physical looks; most fans accepted the simple fact that these changes will occur naturally over time.

Take Romulans for instance.

Their look has undergone at least 3 major changes since their first appearance in ‘Balance of Terror’ without any in-cannon explanation and most fans have simply accepted that.

So with the understanding that Trek has historically made liberal changes to the look and feel of certain Aliens, this begs the question: What type of changes can we expect in Star Trek: Discovery’?

We already know about the Klingons, and while their look was received with mixed reaction, it nevertheless opened the door for other Alien re-imaginings.

Before jumping ship, Bryan Fuller posted this tweet regarding the topic of Romulans in Discovery.

Bryan Fuller Tweet About Romulans

With this in mind, it’s fair to say that Discovery will take a fresh ‘crack’ at the Federations oldest foes. But what will they look like?

The Discovery Klingons share a striking resemblance to their counterparts in Star Trek: Into Darkness. So it’s fair to assume that the Romulans might look like this:

Nero, Star Trek 2009 (Paramount)

Granted, these Romulans came from the future. However, when telling a visual story it’s best to keep the designs similar so your audience can quickly identify who’s who without getting confused.

But why stop there? Bryan Fuller also tweeted out a picture of what looked like orange or even red Andorians.

Bryan Fuller Tweet About Andorians…maybe?

Bottom line is, Discovery will undoubtedly be taking a more liberal approach when ad-hearing to ‘in-cannon’ designs of Trek Aliens.

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