Improv Group Gets London Underground To Brace For Impact


An improv group from England got an entire subway car full of riders on the London Underground to brace for impact Star Trek style.

A common scene on any Star Trek show is the bridge crew bracing for impact and then being thrown about the bridge as the enemy attacks. Now an English improv group called Urban Improv has taken that trope to the London Underground.

Not only did Urban Improv do the “Space Shake” on the tube, but they got the tube’s other passengers to go along with them and make some great space style comedy. Of course there are also some sticks-in-the-mud who don’t go along, they’re probably Vulcans.

Check out this hilarious Star Trek inspired improv for yourself.

The Star Trek shake is of course a famous Star Trek troupe. If you’ve ever seen one of the stabilized Star Trek gifs you know what we’re talkin about.


On Wil Wheaton’s board game YouTube show Tabletop he and Jerri Ryan gave a great example of how they are masters of this craft.

In later Trek like Star Trek: Nemesis there was a gible below the set, so the set itself actually moved from side to side. Truly an amazing advancement in the production of cinema. It does probably make it easier for the actors to get into the moment however.

As for this bracing for impact on the subway I’m tempted to try it. I’ve got a long ride to the airport on the Atlanta Marta tomorrow, do you think I could convince anyone to go along with me? It is a good day to brace for impact!

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