How To Make The Greatest Star Trek Series Ever


How do you make the greatest Star Trek series of all time? Easy, you have Jeffrey Combs play every role.

There was a top notch thread on Star Trek Reddit the other day asking how many roles Trekkies would like to see Jeffrey Combs in on Star Trek: Discovery. It was a bit tongue and cheek of course, the love Trekkies hold for Jeffrey Combs is widely known and extreme, but still it made me stop and think.

I really do hope Jeffrey Combs appears in Star Trek: Discovery. Combs was a huge part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and was flat out scene stealing as Shran in Star Trek: Enterprise, so it only seems fitting that he return for Discovery.

And then I saw this…

Comment from discussion jello1990’s comment from discussion "How many characters will Jeffrey Combs play in Star Trek Discovery".


Why not just have an all new alien species and have Jeffrey Combs play every member of that species, it would be amazing. Sure it would be kind of like this old TNG Season 8 tweet, but who cares?

There’s no denying that Combs is one of the best actors to appear on Trek, and it just wouldn’t feel the same without him popping in as a new alien. You can never have enough Jeffrey Combs, so let’s just load this thing up with him. Jeffrey Combs is… the entirety of the Gorn race.

Yes loving Combs is a bit of a Trekkie trope, but if you want to attract a big Trekkie following and solidify this new show’s fanbase he’s an easy way to do it.

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