Draft of First ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Novel Complete


Author David Mack took to Twitter in the early morning hours to announce that he had finished the first draft of ‘Star Trek: Discovery Desperate Hours’ the first Discovery novel.

Star Trek doesn’t only live on the television and on the big screen, it also lives on the page. Star Trek novels have been a part of the Trek world for years. I remember being a kid and reading the latest Star Trek: The Next Generation novel to try to hold me over until the next season of the show started.

Star Trek: Discovery will continue this bold tradition with Star Trek: Discovery Desperate Hours. We don’t know much about this first Star Trek: Discovery novel other than it’s coming and it’s being written by author David Mack. Mack has a long history with Trek and has written some of the best Star Trek novels of the last fifteen years.

It looks like Star Trek: Discovery Desperate Hours is right on track as well.

Don’t think Mack will be sharing too much information about the project though…


So no clues on the story… at least not yet.

These are really exciting times for Star Trek as we prepare to see our beloved franchise relaunched as a series, and Discovery novel news just adds to our excitement. The news of Discovery novels and merchandise go a long way to dissuading the fanbase fears that Star Trek: Discovery isn’t being back strongly enough by CBS and the Trek powers that be.

While you’re waiting on Mack’s Star Trek: Discovery novel you could always get your Deep Space Nine on and join Julian Bashir for an engaging entanglement with Section 31.

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