Star Trek News: Beware Star Trek Ransomware


A new Star Trek themed ransomware program called “Kirk” has hit the web with its companion key called “Spock.”

Is there anything less Star Trek than ransomware? Ransomware is malware that blackmails a computer user by encrypting files and then either threatening to deny access to the files or publish the files online.

Now some of these cyber criminals have decided to name their malware after Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk. Which of course makes no sense, these criminals are exactly the kind of scammers that Kirk would judo chop or flying kick in the face. The solution or key to the ransomware is apparently called “Spock,” aren’t they clever.

If the ransomware makers really wanted to be clever they would have named their program after Ferengi, because this is a Ferengi style scam. Maybe name the program Brunt and the key Quark? I probably shouldn’t give these clowns any ideas.

Once the Kirk program has been run the ransomware asks you for a payment and in return they will send you a Spock decryption key. The scammers even use phrases like “breath” and “it’s easy.” These are not the poorly put together broken English demand emails you get from a hacked gmail account.

If you see a strange Star Trek file on your desktop be careful. Certianly don’t run anything called Kirk.exe.

I hope someone creates a program to break this junk and calls it Bones.

Ransomware development has been on the rise and scammers are getting more and more sophisticated. The good news is that once a piece of ransomware gets the kind of attention that this one has received its days are numbered. Someone out there will take up the challenge and find a solution for this devious program.

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