Build Your Own Worf With Mega Construx


Now you can build your own Lego style Worf with this warrior worthy Mega Construx Kubros kit!

There are many Star Trek themed building block sets, but there is only one set that is both adorable and will bring honor to your house. Mega Construx has a new Worf block construction set that looks absolutely awesome.

This Worf has all the cuteness of a Pop figure, but you get to build him too. Obviously this would be a worthy addition to any Star Trek collection.

The Mega Construx Kubros collection is brought to you by Mega Bloks. Mega Bloks has of course been creating Star Trek construction sets for quite some time now, but none are as adorable and full of honor as this tiny Worf.

Worf isn’t the only Star Trek character you can build though, there are also sets for Spock and Picard. So if you’re not a fan of the most honorable Klingon in the galaxy you can still have some fun building a cute Starfleet officer.

This is a really fun building Star Trek building set. There are so many Trek items out there that aren’t really toys. They are models to go on a shelf and be admired. While that’s fine, and I have plenty of those, it’s also nice to see a piece of Trek merchandise that you can enjoy playing with. If you’ve got a kid in your life who you are trying to introduce to Trek this might be just the way to do that.

You can find the Worf, Picard, and Spock sets on Amazon ranging in price from nine to fifteen dollars.

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