Could The Yorktown Space Station From Star Trek Beyond Exist?


Could the massive Yorktown space station from Star Trek Beyond really be built?

Boasting impressive visuals, a huge population, massive cityscapes and housing the galaxies biggest starship pit-stop ever, the Yorktown wowed audience members and certainly earned its place in Trek history.

I truly loved Star Trek: Beyond. It was a return to what I felt Trek was lacking in the past few years: hope, adventure, and exploration.

Wherever you might be on the spectrum of love-hate for the ‘Kelvin’ timeline, most fans will admit that ‘Beyond’ was indeed a great ‘Trek’ film.

Classic characters were acting more normal, Kirk was his own man, and the villain was genuinely intimidating on-screen.

Mix that an amazing score and impressive visuals and you have yourself an A+ Trek film.

One of the most breath-taking set pieces featured in Beyond was the state of the art Yorktown class space-station. Capable of housing hundreds of thousands of Federation citizens and a massive starship construction yard, the Yorktown is a ‘Sci-Fi’ fans dream.

But could they have built this station within the Kelvin timeline?

In short: yes, but not in the year 2263.

In the video, I describe the process it took to get ‘Deep Space Nine’ up a running. Comparing that timetable to the size of the ‘Yorktown’ would mean it would take roughly 179 years to build.

With only 109 years between ‘Beyond’ and the NX-01 maiden voyage, there is simply not enough time to build that station within the universe.

And yes, this include the ‘boost in technology’ that the Enterprise received from scanning Nero’s ship in ‘Star Trek 2009’.

But nevertheless, I still enjoyed seeing it on the big screen and watching the enterprise fly through impossible tubes within the station never gets old.

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