What Would A ‘Logan’ Style Star Trek Film Look Like?


What would a gritty film tying up the life of one or two Star Trek characters look like?

The Star Trek subreddit is at it again, this time asking if a Logan style film about Jean-Luc Picard would work. 

It’s an interesting idea, an elderly Jean-Luc Picard on one last adventure, but there’s one problem, we’ve already had that movie. “All Good Things…” the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation was basically just this. It wasn’t as dark and grisly as Logan, but this is Star Trek and this universe isn’t as dark as the X-Men universe.

The idea of one final movie about a Star Trek character is intriguing though. Obviously the first thought for many Trekkies is going to be Worf. An older Worf battling his way through the Klingon Empire is a cool story, but maybe we can go bigger.

If I were pitching the script for a final Logan style film for one of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew I’d go with Riker. Here’s my pitch:

"Will Riker is at home alone on a remote colony. He’s retired from Starfleet after some tragic event involving his ship, the Titan. Deanna Troi has passed away, and Riker is just making it day to day now. Then a strange encrypted message arrives from the Klingon Empire, Worf is in trouble. Now Riker must go on one last epic quest back to back with Worf as they try to stop the Klingon Empire from diving into a war with the Federation."

Tell me you wouldn’t be in line to see Riker and Worf back to back fighting hoards of Klingons and being bros in honor to the last. When you’re ready to have the Riker script written give me a call Paramount.

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Who would your Logan style TNG movie be about, and what would be the plot? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below!