Win Lunch With Nathan Fillion And Support A Good Cause


You can win lunch with Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion in Los Angeles and support a good cause with his birthday charity fundraiser.

So this isn’t about Star Trek, but it is about a science fiction legend and it is for a good cause, so we’re going to talk about it.

Firefly star Nathan Fillion is offering you the chance to win lunch with him and support a good cause in his birthday charity fundraiser. Fillion is using this contest to help support Sawala Children’s Home, an organization that cares for fifty orphans in northern Ghana.

The contest runs from March 27th to May 8th.

If you watched that you’re a little bit cooler than everyone who didn’t. It would be a mistake to argue with Malcolm Reynolds.
To get a chance at lunch with Nathan you just need to make a $10 dollar donation to Sawala Children’s Home through this prizeo page. For $10 dollars you get 100 chances to win. That’s not the only option though, there are various other options that have more chances and various other rewards as well.

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$25 dollars will get you a thank you ecard and 250 chances to win.

$40 dollars gets you a thank you video and 400 chances to win.

$75 dollars has 750 chances to win and a very cool Firefly t-shirt.

$200 dollars will get you a signed Castle t-shirt and 2,000 chances to win.

$300 dollars and you get a personal thank you tweet from Nathan Fillion himself and 3,000 entries.

$350 dollars gets you a like a comment on Instagram from Nathan and 3,500 entries.

$500 dollars is a signed Castle script and 5,000 chances to win.

$1,000 dollars is 10,000 chances to win and a personal thank you video from Nathan.

$1,500 dollars gets you a personal voicemail greeting from Nathan and 15,000 chances to win. You can have Malcom Reynolds himself telling folks that they called you.

Don’t aim to misbehave, enter today!

You can learn more and enter on the campaign’s Prizeo page.

Read the contest rules.

Learn more about the Sawala Children’s Home.

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