Is Chris Obi’s Star Trek: Discovery Character [SPOILER]?


Could Chris Obi’s Star Trek: Discovery character T’Kuvma might be a very important Klingon.


According to the stars are lining up for Chris Obi. There’s a new theory that Obi, who we know will be playing a Klingon, might be the Klingon Chancellor in Star Trek: Discovery. This theory isn’t just wishful thinking from fans either; there’s enough evidence here to convince Sherlock Holmes/Mr. Data himself.

First there’s this tweet from Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Aaron Harberts.

King of the Klingons? That certianly sounds like a mighty chancellor of the Klingon Empire. That tweet was responded to by Obi himself with this video:

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Or perhaps there is no chancellor yet. Maybe at this point in Klingon history a king does reign supreme without the help of a high council. Chancellor or king, either way we all win with Chris Obi. Obi is quickly becoming one of our favorite new Trek actors, and we think he’s going to end up being one of yours as well. If you don’t follow Chris Obi on Twitter we have to question your loyalty to the Klingon Empire.

If Obi is the leader of the Klingons he will have some big shoes to fill. Robert O’Reilly’s Gowron was a masterpiece of acting as he protrayed a crazed and unstable Klingon leader the likes of which we had never seen in Star Trek before. If anyone is up to the task however it’s Chris Obi.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Klingon’s being different in Star Trek: Discovery than they have been in previous series. We just don’t understand people having a problem with some changes to the Klingons. The Klingons of TOS and the Klingons of TNG are very different after all.

Star Trek: Discovery may be different from the Trek series that came before, but that’s OK. In the words of Spock “change after all is the essential process in all of existence.”

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