Star Trek: Discovery and the Treaty of Armens


In an attempt to decode the plot of Star Trek: Discovery, fans have begun piecing together different sources to uncover information on the new Trek series.


Before taking a backseat in the production, Bryan Fuller was out dropping hits for the new show on news outlets around the globe.

While CBS has remained tight-lipped, many fans have begun to piece together the puzzle and uncover potential plot details for Star Trek: Discovery.

The key piece of information most fans are clinging onto is a statement Fuller made during an interview with CNN.

“The new TV series will be set in the “prime” universe… and takes place ten years before the start of Captain Kirk’s five-year mission. That gives us an opportunity to bridge the gap between Enterprise and the original series,” said Fuller.

So where does that leave us?

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Kirk’s original 5-year mission began in the year 2265. Using my extreme mathematics skills I have deduced that 10 years earlier that would put us around 2255.

There is only one significant event in the Trek timeline that occurred in the year 2255: The Treaty of Armens.

Now, you might be asking yourselves why you have never heard of this treaty before. Well, actually most long-time fans have been exposed to this concept before.

During the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodeThe Ensigns of Command” Captain Picard and Co. are forced to evacuate the colony on Tau Cygna V. This planet was given away by the Federation decades earlier, as per the treaty.

Still not ringing any bells? Well, maybe this picture will help beam in your memories.

Sheliak Director (Fair Use, CBS)

So who are these guys?

These bizarre looking aliens are the know as the Sheliak. An extremely xenophobic species from the Shelia star system, who make a point to avoid most other races.

However, a conflict broke out with the Sheliak, due to the aggressive expansion of the Federation.

Viewing humans, and everyone else as ‘creatures’, the Sheliak attempted to remove this ‘scourge’ from the galaxy.

The conflict didn’t last very long, and a final cease-fire was declared with the signing of the Treaty of Armens.

The treaty itself was over 500,000 words long and required almost 400 Federation legal analysts to complete.

Hostilities remained between the two factions for the next several hundred years.

What does this have to do with Discovery?

Regarding the plot, Bryan Fuller has been quoted in saying, “There had been an incident, an event in Star Trek history and the history of Starfleet that had been talked about but never fully explored.” 

With this quote and the one about the timeline mentioned earlier, it’s fair to assume that we will be getting a chance to see the USS Discovery square off against the Sheliak come release date.

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So do you think this is the plot for Star Trek: Discovery? Or do you think it will revolve around something else? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below!