Star Trek: Online – First Contact Day Event


Star Trek: Online has announced a new in-game event to help celebrate the historic anniversary of the First Contact between Humans and Vulcan on April 5th.

In celebration of First Contact ‘between Humans and Vulcans, ‘Cryptic Studios’ has created an all-new event for the popular MMO, Star Trek Online.

From March 30th, 2017 to April 6th, 2017, players can visit the iconic launch site in Bozeman, Montana and participate in a “special re-enactment.” 

Players will need to search the wooded area for “useful parts, just like Cochrane” and assemble their very own replica ship for launch.

Each player will piece together whatever parts they could find and see if their replica model “goes faster….survives longer….and at a better angle of launch.”

Winning the event earns you the in-game title of “Honorary student of Cochrane.”

Can’t get your rocket up? Don’t sweat it!

All participants will earn a prize voucher at the end of the test launch event. (1 per day, per character)

Once players have collected 4 prize vouchers, they can all be turned in for a special edition prize box.

Star Trek: Online Press Photo; First Contact Day

These boxes contain awesome new features that can be used by any faction within the game.

Prizes include an amazing new a Starship Trait, which can be used for thalaron radiation explosions.

A miniature Phoenix model, that can be launched when not in combat.

And a holo-emitter that makes your shuttles/fighters look like the Phoenix while in and out of combat.

Still not enough for you?

Once you claim the prize box, additional prize vouchers can be turned in for 100 marks of your own choice!

You also get exclusive and limited access to the Zefram Cochrane statue. Even if this event returns next year, that still means you missed a great photo op!

Note: Only level 10 players or higher can participate in the event!  So make sure your characters are up-to-snuff before the end of this event!

This event won’t last long, so be sure to log-on soon and get to building!

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