William Shatner To Star In Romantic Comedy


William Shatner has been the captain of a starship, worked the police beat, and been a big giant head, but now he’ll star in a romantic comedy.

William Shatner is slated to star in an upcoming romantic comedy called Senior Moment. When you think of William Shatner you think Hollywood legend, but you don’t necessarily think romantic comedy. There’s no doubt though that Shatner has what it takes to make audiences fall in love with him on the big screen.

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According to Variety Senior Moment is still in pre-production so details are scarce, but the premise sounds pretty wonderful. Shatner will play an ex NASA test pilot who gets his driver’s license taken away after driving into a crowded restaurant.

The romantic twist of the movie gets going when Shatner falls for a woman while taking public transportation. She of course just happens to be campaigning to get seniors off the road. So we clearly have the classic romantic comedy opposites attract plot.

Shatner is no stranger to romance on screen, he famously kissed Nichelle Nichols on Star Trek in the first interracial kiss on television. Shatner has also had some lighter romance on Trek though that might suit a romantic comedy. His interactions with Catherine Hicks in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home are fantastic and could fit right into a romantic comedy.

See the Shat knows romantic comedy.

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