Movie Fights: Star Wars vs. Star Trek


The Screen Junkies offshoot YouTube show ‘Movie Fights’ tackles the biggest fight of them all, Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

There are many pressing issues that need debating in our world right now, but this is the greatest debate of them all. Which of these classic science fiction franchises truly rules supreme, is it Star Wars or Star Trek?

Now the fine folks at Screen Junkies have finally decided to settle the grand debate once and for all. It’s time to talk it out and pick a winner. The only question is, will it be Star Wars or Star Trek?

If you want to skip ahead to the Star Trek vs. Star Wars section it’s at the forty two minute mark.

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Of course Star Trek won, are you kidding us? Star Trek has not only boldly gone on screen, but in the real world. Trek has inspired countless real life technologies, is the favorite science fiction of real scientists, and broke cultural barriers and pushed for social equality. You simply can’t compare all of that to Jar Jar Binks and magic space wizards.

In all honesty we love Star Wars too, but Star Trek is special and it’s fun to see Trek finally getting its due. We apologize to all the Ewok lovers that this post has offended, may your magic force be with you always.

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