Star Trek: Online – First Contact Day Event Review!


We take a break from exploration and have a quick look at Star Trek: Online’s newest released content update entitled First Contact Day.

Welcome to Bozeman, Montana.

Your number 1 source for all things Bozeman…and all things Montana.

So what brings an elite Captain of Star Trek: Online to a place like this? Well, First Contact Day of course!

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of First Contact, Cryptic Studios has released a new mini-game for their popular MMO.

Players face off against each other in a race to build the best Phoenix replica. Using parts scattered around the woods by careless teenagers, your job is to piece together a tiny rocket. Your ultimate goal? To fly farther, faster, and better than your competition.

So how does all of this work?

After you get launched into the queue, your character is transported into Bozeman, Montana. From there you are assigned a special colored rocket (mine was magenta, yay!) that you must repair.

Each rocket is need of a hull, stabilizer, and engine component. To find them you must race against the clock and dig through various piles of trash scattered around the area. I hope there isn’t a park ranger around. Digging through the piles either yields you junk, good, great, or excellent quality items.

Obviously, you want all excellent items, but you’re on a timer so make sure you get at least something for each slot. Got a bunch of junk? Don’t sweat it. After the initial race is over, players then get 60 seconds to upgrade junk parts to better quality.

My rocket is done, now what?

Just light that fuse and awwwwwayyyy we go!

Star Trek: Online Screen Capture

You get to actually watch each rocket take off, fly around, and then summarily explode. Don’t tell Smokey the Bear about this event. #partypooper My rocket came in at second place, and I’m pretty proud her. I have thus dubbed it the Hippogriff.

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