Star Trek: Online First Contact Day Writing Contest


Star Trek: Online is hosting a writing contest to celebrate First Contact Day.

Do you love Star Trek: Online? Do you have a great backstory for your captain? Well then you have all the components necessary to participate in Star Trek: Online’s First Contact Day contest.

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STO is asking captains to mail in their own captain’s first contact story. Whether it’s the first time your captain came face to face with the Klingons, or the first time your captain faced an alien species of any kind STO wants to hear about it.

The contest does have a few rules. The entries cannot be any longer than 1500 words and they must be submitted by April 14th to win. To submit your entry just email it to

Of course you you can’t have a contest and not have prizes…

Here are the prizes listed on the official contest page:

"FIRST PLACE:A new “Holonovelist” titleA Phoenix Admiralty CardFive Phoenix Prize PacksSECOND PLACE:A new “Holonovelist” titleA Phoenix Admiralty CardThree Phoenix Prize PacksTHIRD PLACE:A new “Holonovelist” titleA Phoenix Admiralty CardOne Phoenix Prize Pack"

I might have to enter this contest myself. I think the the story of the my captain’s first contact with a Founder is the way to go. He poked a changeling, because who hasn’t always wanted to poke a changeling? The time he asked questioned a Tellarite on why they were so cranky all the time is also a good story though.

Read more about the Star Trek: Online writing contest here.

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