Star Trek: Online – Xbox One First Impressions


With the recent expansion of Star Trek: Online to the Xbox and PS4, we have asked a fellow YouTuber to give us his first-hand experience playing the game.

Star Trek: Online has been continuously growing in popularity for the past 7 years. With constant updates, new ships, and regularly released content its no wonder the game has been as successful as it is.

But, there was an untapped market that STO wanted to break into: consoles.

Most MMOs and RTS games steer clear of consoles. Why? Because the console controller typically prevents the more complex actions required from these types of games.

But this didn’t deter Cryptic Studios. In fact, they tackled the limited controller problem head-on for both Xbox One and the PS4.

And the result? Well…pretty damn good.

I recently interviewed a YouTuber by the name of Dynomitesloth who just recently picked up STO for the first time on console, and his impressions might surprise you.

So, if you’re on the fence about getting the game, be sure to watch his let’s play and take a look at the Q&A session below.

KET: What is your overall impression of the game? Does it feel immersive, and captivating or bland/boring?

DS: The overall impression feels immersive, there are some things that are bland and boring in the game, but the fun I’m having outweighs that…how big everything feels within the game baffles me because I’ve never played a game like this before and everything is all so… COOL!

KET: As someone who plays a lot of first and third person action adventure games, how does the combat style feel to when playing? For both ground and space.

DS: The combat style is similar to most third person games, which is a simple point and shoot. The space combat is something different, that’s what threw me for a loop. I thought it was going to be this very tactical turned based system, but I was wrong. I was able to understand the flying and combat very quickly. 

KET: Were the controls difficult for you master or was it more intuitive than you expected?

DS: The controls were rather difficult at first, mostly with the flying! But at the end of the day, it’s still a learning experience that I’m having fun with it, over time I’ll have most of the controls figured out. 

Star Trek: Online – Screenshot of AoY

KET: How does the game compare to other MMO titles you have played in the past?

DS: I’m not the biggest MMO person, most MMOs I play for a day then I leave it. Happened with Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online, and much more. But I would say this is the first MMO I’ve had fun with since old school Runescape, which was a blast.

KET:  What aspect of the game impressed you the most? What disappointed you the most?

DS: The vast amount of space, all the sectors, planets, moons, and all of the space. It took me 5 minutes to get from one place to another and that is absolutely mind boggling to me. That’s where this game differs from the rest, just so crazy all of things they can pack into this game.

KET: If you could change 1 thing about the game, its controls, or the story, what would it be?

DS: Tutorials, I feel lost some of the time so it’s difficult for me to be immersed when I’m on Google/YouTube, trying to figure what the hell I’m doing wrong. I know that there is a tutorial page within the settings, but I wish that it would show me what button to press with a prompt or something like that. You know, console style.

Star Trek: Online – Screenshot of AoY

KET: Do you feel that the graphics engine lived up to the capability of an Xbox one, or did it leave something to be desired?

DS: Well the game was made in 2010 I believe, so with the graphics from 2010 and updated throughout time, I feel as if it lives up to the capability of the Xbox One/S. 

KET: You have said in the past that you don’t have much experience with Star Trek, and yet you picked a female, telleratie tactical captain as your online persona. Why?

DS: Well, to be perfectly honest, I did it because I thought it was funny. Just a weird pig looking lady resemble the weird things in The Twilight Zone, made me laugh. I picked a woman because if I ever have the option to be a girl in a video game, I’ll do it.

KET: Would you recommend this game to someone considering playing it? Why or why not.

DS: I absolutely recommend it! First, it’s free to play, what’s to lose besides some time. When I first played this game for about 10 minutes when it released on Xbox One/S, I thought it was going to be a super tactical, turn-based nightmare. (I’m not a fan of turn based games) So when I jumped into it for my YouTube channel, actually started screwing around and playing the game, I realized how much of a fun game it is and it is worth all around.

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