Alexander Siddig To Star In Alien Spin-Off Audio-Play


Alexander Siddig is returning to space in an all new audio-play set in the Alien universe.

Alexander Siddig is known to Star Trek fans as the kind and genetically enhanced Dr. Julian Bashir from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In this new audio-play from however Siddig plays a very different kind of adventurer in the stars.

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According to Digital Spy Siddig will star in Alien: River of Pain is set between the first and second Aliens movies. I’m not the biggest fan of the Aliens franchise, but I’m a huge fan of anything that Siddig is in, so this may be a must listen. If you don’t have an Audible subscription the play seems a bit pricey though at around $20.00.

We don’t know anything about the plot of Alien: River of Pain yet, but the audio-play is based off a novel of the same title. This time it’s an entire colony that’s being threatened by the Xenomorphs.

Obviously the creators of this Alien audio-play are trying to capitalize on the Alien enthusiasm that the upcoming feature film Alien: Covenant is creating. Siddig isn’t the only big name in the play; Alien: River of Pain will also feature Anna Friel, Philip Glenister and Michelle Ryan.

Alien: River of Pain is available for pre-order now on

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