Worf Anti April Fools’ Day Memes


Worf is here to help you respond to the terrible April Fools’ Day jokes that will pop up all over the internet today.

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April Fools’ Day has gotten out of control. It seems like every single site on the internet tries to get in on the joke with terrible made up articles and headlines. Every year we are subjected to silly Jar Jar Binks and Wesley Crusher movie announcements. Not to mention the Star Trek sleep-machine that Think Geek teased Trekkies with, only for there to be no such machine!

This year we decided to provide you with a way to fight back. We found some Worf memes and sayings that are perfect for plopping down in the comments of ridiculous April Fools’ Day stories. It’s not that Worf doesn’t have a sense of humor, he does. To make Worf laugh however you’re going to have to do better than a terribly distasteful article claiming that George R.R. Martin died and Winds of Winter will never be finished.

For when you get the joke, but it isn’t funny.

For when the joke is beneath you.

When the joke has not made you happy, at all.

For just generally not funny jokes.

This one is for a joke that is truly dishonorable.

Just in case this wasn’t enough, here’s a classic Data moment that might come in handy today too.

Hopefully these Star Trek memes make this April Fools’ Day a little bit more bearable. Let’s be honest, most April Fools Day jokes on the internet end up going like this…

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone.

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