Real Life Medical Tricorder May Be Coming Soon


A company called Final Frontier Medical Devices is working on their version of a medical tricorder that you could use in your own home.

A medial tricorder in your home? According to Stuff that’s what Frontier Medical Devices is trying to provide to consumers right here in the 21st century. Frontier Medical Devices is the brainchild of George, Gus, and Basil Harris who are finalists for the Xprize. The Xprize is a nine million dollar innovation competition that rewards thinking outside the box.

The tricorder of Frontier Medical Devices would be able to do simple things like monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and vitals as well as tell you if you had serious conditions like pneumonia or diabetes.

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While in theory it might sound great to have a medical tricorder in your own home, it would have drawbacks as well. If you think people get carried away self diagnosing with Google now just wait until they have a medical tricorder to tell them what’s wrong. It could also convince people not to go to the doctor when they need to, and that would lead to a whole other set of problems.

On the other hand having a tool like this, especially in remote or hard to reach areas of the world could save a lot of lives. There’s no doubt that there are many advantages to the medical tricorder. The creation of this device would just be Star Trek predicting the future once again like it did with cell phones and tablets.

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