Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme On Violin


A fantastic cover of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme played on violin.

Few instruments are able to capture the imagination and instantly create the types of feelings that the violin can. The violin has been played by many fictional characters, always to create a feeling of intelligence and culture. From Sherlock Holmes to Data the violin’s connection to intellect has been used by storytellers to tell the audience something about their characters. So it seems only fitting that this instrument would be used to play the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme.

In this wonderful video


uses her talents to transport us aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise D one more time.

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Did you catch that little Easter Egg at the end? That was the refrain that Picard plays on his flute in “The Inner Light.” There are so many Star Trek theme covers on YouTube, but this is really something special. Not only does it sound great, but it’s clear that ViolinistBAKA really loves TNG, and that of course makes it even better.

Of course violin wasn’t the only instrument featured in TNG. The trombone was the favorite instrument of William Riker; and of course there are Star Trek: The Next Generation theme covers out there for trombone as well.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a Data or a Riker, Star Trek fans talents provide something for everyone.

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