First Contact Choose Your Own Voyage Game

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You’re not sure this is such a good idea anymore. You never wanted all this, you just wanted to make a buck. Then just as you’re about to steer back towards earth it happens. In a blink Riker and Geordi and in their place sits a man in red pajamas.

“These aren’t pajamas Cochrane, they are the uniform of the galactic power that your little warp trip launches. That is, if you launched it. My my, but don’t you give up easily” proclaims the man in red pajamas.

You manage to stammer out “sweet Jesus, who the hell are you?”

“Elegantly put, I can see why the humans worship you so. I am Q, I’m immortal and all powerful and I’m here because you are making a mistake.”

“So you’re like my guardian angel?” you ask.

“More like your god, but sure we can go with that if it makes this easier” responds Q.

“So do you want to found a society of peaceful explorers or a mighty militant empire conquering the galaxy?” asks the Q.

Next: Found a peaceful society of explorers and scientists.

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