Star Trek: Discovery Lead Talks Tone, Grittiness


The Star Trek: Discovery lead, Sonequa Martin-Green, recently dropped hints at the tone we should expect regarding the new series.

Let the Star Trek: Discovery press cycle begin!

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With the actress’ departure from The Walking Dead, Sonequa Martin-Green is now in full media oscillation for Trek. During a recent interview with TVLine, Sonequa discussed the pressures of making the upcoming series great. As well as dropping hints regarding the tone of Star Trek: Discovery.

Sonequa Martin-Green accelerated to stardom with her portrayal of Sasha on The Walking Dead.Throughout her tenure, Sonequa attended many conventions and gatherings of the show’s fans. During that time she undoubtedly became accustomed to the interaction with die-hard fans.A necessary skill to have with the upcoming onslaught of Trekkies in her life.

During the interview, Sonequa gave provided a tantalizing bit of news regarding the new Trek series tone. “This iteration of Star Trek is going to have a different take…It’s going to be bigger, rawer and grittier… and the story’s going to build on itself.”

So what does that mean?

Buckle up Trekkies, because we’re going to get the grittiest reboot of Star Trek ever!

Do we need a grittier Trek series? Not really.

Does it really matter what the tone is? No.

And here’s why: as long as they still keep the core principles of a Trek series intact then the tone can take as dark of a turn as it wants. Star Trek has always pushed the boundaries of Science Fiction; this series needs follow in that legacy.

Discussing the human condition, teamwork, bettering ourselves…this is what Trek is when you break it down to the core. If the show wants to take a more serious tone go right ahead; it’s not like we haven’t seen that before in Trek (ie Best of Both Worlds).

Regardless, I’m looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery. I hope other Trekkies rally behind the show as well.

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