Star Trek Fan Working On Original Klingon Opera


One Star Trek fan has decided to create his very own Klingon Opera.

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Klingon Opera is an ongoing joke in Star Trek. Worf loves Klingon Opera, but it’s often referenced by other characters as the worst thing in the galaxy. Cardassian literature seems to get the same rap. We don’t really know though, because we haven’t heard much Klingon Opera and we’ve certianly not seen any.

One Star Trek fan is trying to change all that however. He’s creating his very own Klingon Opera, and he’s put a theme from the opera on YouTube. It’s a daunting quest that only a warrior who is pure at heart could undertake. The mighty PDXVoiceTeacher is ready for this great challenge however.

Check out YouTuber PDXVoiceTeacher’s Klingon Opera for yourself.

I’m not an expert on Klingon Opera like Worf of Dax, but that sounds pretty great to me.

There have of course been some other fan made Klingon Operas. Most however are based on human stories, and we all know that no human tale can ever truly be worth of a Klingon Opera.

This alleged Klingon Opera is really just The Magic Flute.

An all original Klingon Opera really would be something special. The trick of course is committing to Klingon themes, like honor and violence and… those are really the only two important Klingon themes.

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So what do you think? Would you want to see a Klingon Opera in person? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.