Will ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Have A King of Klingons?


Rumors swirl about a ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ having a Klingon king, but are they true?

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I’m not really convinced that we are going to see a king of Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery. Do not get me wrong, I think we are going to see some big changes to Klingons, but a king may be a step farther than it actually goes.

We’ve all seen the leaked images of alleged Klingon actors. There were also the leaked images of a Klingon ship from the early stages of the Star Trek: Discovery production. The Klingons may be a bit different, but I don’t think they will have a king.

They may however have an emperor. The original Klingon Emperor was of course Khaless, but by the time of the Star Trek series they have a chancellor and high council. It would certianly be an interesting tale if we dove into how the council was formed.

Here’s what our favorite YouTuber Ketwolski has to say about the possibility of a Klingon king.

So there’s no chance that this was literal, but if anyone could be a Klingon king it’s Chris Obi. The guy is just a bundle of fun and seeing him as a leader of Klingons is going to be a ton of fun. Perhaps he’s a chancellor who wants to be made king? Could we have a Klingon cesar of sorts on our hands? That truly would be an epic Klingon story for Star Trek: Discovery to tell.

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What do you think? Are we going to see a Klingon king in Star Trek: Discovery?