Star Trek: Online Player Potential System


Cryptic Studios has released more information regarding their new competitive PvE system for Star Trek: Online, the Player Potential.

This is a hot year for

Star Trek: Online

and its players. Cryptic Studios, the developers behind the MMORPG, look to continue their improvement streak; this time with a new PvE system. Dubbed the

Player Potential,

this new feature promises to bring a more competitive edge to PvE/PvP game play.

Competitive PvE vs PvP.

For non-gamers out there PvE stands for ‘player versus environment’, while PvP stands for ‘player versus player’.  In Star Trek: Online these two styles of game play are exclusive to each other; you either play against the computer or against other people head-on.

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But here in lies the problem: PvE requires constant updates and new maps to keep things interests, while PvP is currently overpowered by a select few players. Neither model is sustainable for a pay-to-win MMORPG. The Solution? Competitive PvE.

This new game promises to blend elements from PvE and PvP together; pitting teams of players against each other to complete tasks as a team. Shifting the PvP focus away from the standard ‘blow ’em up’ actions puts less pressure on players who might not have the best gear. Additionally, facing off against real people will add an extra layer of excitement and possibility to each match.

So how does this new system work?

It’s actually pretty simple. New players looking to join a competitive PvE queue will initially play several ‘placement’ matches. During this time an algorithm will begin measuring both your abilities and ship equipment. After the placement matches, you will then be regularly placed into games with people comparable to your skill set.

As your skills improve, so does your Player Potential score. The idea here is that each time you win or loose, the algorithm will place you into a new match that will be more appropriate for your skills.

This new system is set to come online within the month.

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