We still don’t have a Star Trek: Discovery release date


CBS still won’t give a firm date for the release of Star Trek: Discovery.

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Star Trek: Discovery has been through a lot for a show that hasn’t been seen by anyone yet. The show has had its release date pushed back again and again. First the show was supposed to air in January 2017, then it was pushed back to May 2017, and then finally announcing a release date was abandoned all together.

The most recent estimates, including those speculated on by the Star Trek: Discovery cast have the show airing sometime in the fall of 2017… but that might not be accurate either.

The head of CBS Interactive Marc DeBevoise spoke to Vulture on all things CBS All Access (where Star Trek: Discovery will air) and this is what he had to say on a release date…

"[Star Trek: Discovery is] going great, I’ve actually been up there [to the set]. It is, you know, phenomenal. It is huge. And we’re very excited about the content, the creators, the actors, all coming together. As you said, we’re not tied to any specific release date. It’ll be there when we’re ready to do it, and when we feel it’s in a great place. We’re not worried about anything here. We’re excited, and we’ll have more specifics as we get closer to what will likely be the release dates.Is it likely going to be the fall?We’re not stating."

Well that sounds almost a little snippy doesn’t it? CBS has been particularly prickly about Star Trek: Discovery of late. You’d think they’d want to be a little less obtuse. The fanbase wants to be excited about Discovery, all they need is a little push.

While the writers and actors of Star Trek: Discovery have done an excellent job communicating with the fans, CBS is still struggling. Here’s hoping that they can find a voice to communicate to the fans a little better in the future.

In the meantime we just have to sit back and wait on Star Trek: Discovery. Does this mean we won’t see a real Discovery trailer by San Diego Comic-Con? That would truly be disappointing.

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