Hilarious Star Trek protest held at Star Wars Celebration


A group of Trekkies held a hilarious protest at Star Wars Celebration this weekend.

The Star Wars and Star Trek rivalry is all in good fun for most of us. If you’re taking the competition between the two greatest science fiction franchises seriously you’re missing the point. This past weekend at Star wars Celebration there were some cadets that certianly get it.

These hilarious redshirts decided to hold a protest at Star Wars Celebration to help the world make Trek, not Wars.

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These Trekkies get it. It’s all about having fun and enjoying these franchises we love. I myself might be guilty of taking a picture with Chewbacca while wearing a Star Trek shirt.

You can’t really compare the two franchises, because they aren’t really the same thing. Sure people who don’t pay attention mix them up, but we are talking space apples and space oranges here.

Star Trek is a humanity tale about what humans could be int he future through science. Star Wars is more of an epic tale, it’s a fairy tale set in space. That’s not a knock on Star Wars, everyone needs a good story to get away now and then, but Star Wars isn’t trying to tackle social issues or inspire science, it’s just a good story.

So while some people want to drive Star Wars and Star Trek fans apart keep in mind that it’s perfectly OK to love them both… as long as you acknowledge that one is trying to make the world a better place and the other is just space wizards.

May the Force be with you, live long and prosper.

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