Sector 001 Podcast: When will we get more ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ news?


This week the Sector 001 Podcast breaks down why we think CBS still hasn’t given us a release date for ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’

Our Star Trek podcast is back with a brand new name, but it’s still just all the Trek talk you could want.

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First up this week is what’s coming this summer on the Ketwolski Star Trek YouTube channel. Ket’s channel is going to ramp up the Star Trek discussion and needs your help. All summer long the Ketwolski YouTube channel is going to be putting out great Star Trek discussion videos and asking for your input. So don’t miss a great chance to talk Trek!

Redshirts Always Die is going on the road this month as our site covers Treklanta, Dragon Con, and even possibly ventures to some cons overseas. If you’re going to be at a con this summer be on the lookout for the Redshirts crew!

This week’s big topic is of course Star Trek: Discovery news, or the lack thereof. CBS still hasn’t give us a solid release date for the newest Star Trek series and we think we know why. After two missed release dates CBS doesn’t want to blow another. While that’s totally understandable CBS has to do something more to reach out to Star Trek fans. The disconnect between CBS and the fans is growing and could reach a critical point.

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