Writers strike may delay ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ again


If the purposed WGA writers strike happens next week it could mean another delay for ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’

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It looks like a Writers Guild of America strike may be happening. The members of the WGA have voted and a strike could happen if negotiations aren’t worked out this week. This of course would stop production on many of your favorite shows.

Star Trek: Discovery would not be immune to a writers strike. Discovery is currently in production, but all of the season one episodes are not finalized. This means that while production could continue on Discovery for a while, there would be a limit to how far it could go.

Many popular shows will be able to bounce back once the strike is settled, but for a show like Star Trek: Discovery this is particularly bad news. Discovery has already missed two launch dates, one in January 2017 and another in May 2017. A third major delay would really hurt Star Trek: Discovery with the fans and might be disastrous to the young show.

It’s usually the new shows and shows with lower ratings that have the most to fear from strikes. If you’re not making the company money it’s easy to end up cancelled and replaced with something new when the strike is over.

Nothing about the launch or start of Star Trek: Discovery has been easy, but that’s kind of a right of passage for Star Trek series. Trek series never seem to go off without plenty of bumps along the way.

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