The History and Fate of the NX-02 Columbia


It’s easy to recall the history surrounding the NX-01 Enterprise. But whatever happened to its sister ship the Columbia?

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The NX-02, under Captain Hernandez, played a crucial role in establishing the United Federation of Planets. Now, it may not have been as glamorous as Archer’s speech, but it was vital nonetheless.

In the video linked above, I dive into the mysterious fate of the NX-02, Columbia, and her crew. But this is just the cliff notes of the discussion; the Star Trek: Destiny novels gives you the full picture. This trilogy spans multiple generations and covers a multitude of topics, including the Columbia’s final mission.

Prior to the novels, the Columbia had spent several years on the Federation’s frontlines against the Romulans. During this time the first Romulan-Earth war was in full swing. The Columbia kept busy defending colonies, safeguarding supply convoys, and providing close-air support for MACOs.

From a combat role to exploration, the Colombia served with distinction for almost a decade before being destroyed by a Romulan ambush.

Or was it?

Star Trek: Online fans know that the NX-02 recently received an upgrade and was put into service just before the Iconian War. So it’s safe to assume the ship made it back to Earth. But has it been for hundreds of years? What happened to the MACOs, the crew, and Captain Hernandez that were onboard?

Well, your gonna have to watch the video to find out! Or, you know, read the books. Whichever works best for you because this story is definitely worth knowing about.

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So what do you think about the fate of the NX-02 Columbia? Do you think this ending was fitting or unjust to the brave intrepid crew? Let us know what you think on Facebook, or in the comments below.