Fan Theory: Is Picard still in the Nexus?


A new Star Trek: Generations theory is causing quite the stir with Trekkies online.

The basic idea behind this theory is that Captain Jean-Luc Picard never left the Nexus in Star Trek: Generations. Picard, Kirk, and everyone else are still in the Nexus. If it sounds like things are about to get wacky it’s only because they are.

Here’s what our favorite Star Trek YouTuber Ketwolski has to say about the theory.

I have to agree with Ket on this one, it’s just a little bit too wild to work. The idea of no one ever leaving the Nexus is interesting in a very “Moriarty thinking he escapes in a shuttle, but in reality he’s never left the holodeck” way.

Rick and Morty did a great version of this reality inside a reality idea.

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Let’s put aside all the problems with this theory though and focus on one thing, it would suck. If this is what has happened that would be so lame. Fans would be furious, and they would have a right to be. Fans hate it when writers or shows use these lame copouts to change everything. We don’t want to know that everything we’ve loved and enjoyed didn’t “really happen.”

Sure it’s all a television show so none of it really happened, but when you undermine the cannon like this you ruin it for the fans. This is the kid looking at the snowglobe at the end of St. Elsewhere. It might seem like a clever idea, but it’s only clever if you’re more interested in being clever than giving your viewers something satisfying.

Lucky for us this theory isn’t true, it just isn’t. Picard escaped the Nexus and what we know about the rest of the TNG movies and timeline happened.

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