Sector 001 Podcast: Treklanta Recap


This week the Sector 001 Podcast discusses Treklanta and talks about some of the highlights of the Atlanta Star Trek con.

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The absolute best thing about Treklanta is that it’s in the sweet spot for cons. The con has been around long enough that you get some interesting panels and guests, but it’s still small enough that you also get to interact with those guests. You won’t find yourself wasting away your con day waiting inline for an autograph or picture at Treklanta. J.G. Hertzler told me that I have a bear worthy of respect, you’re not going to get that at a mega con.

We had a great time at the con, but the highlight really was the Miss Klingon Empire beauty pageant. You just can’t beat a Klingon beauty pageant, but a Klingon beauty pageant might beat on you a little. This year’s pageant was a raucous affair even by previous Miss Klingon Empire pageant standards. You aren’t going to want to miss this this story.

From special guests to Star Trek themed weddings to a Klingon beauty pageant, this con had it all. If you’re a Trekkie in the southeast this is certianly a con that you are going to want to keep on your radar. What more could a Trekkie ask for really?

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