May The Fourth Be With You: William Shatner remembers Carrie Fisher


Today on Star Wars day, may the fourth be with you, Star Trek’s William Shatner is taking time to remember his friend Carrie Fisher.

William Shatner and Carrie Fisher were friends for many years. Their major roles in the two biggest science fiction franchises created a bond. The other reason they probably became such good friends is that they were both super active on social media and enjoyed teasing each other. Some of their twitter conversations back and forth were legendary.

Here’s what William Shatner said last May 4th…

It was a two way street though, Fisher was great at throwing it right back in Shatner’s face.

Behind all the jokes and jests though was a deep affection.

Since Carrie Fisher’s passing William Shatner has spoken about missing her several times.

Then today Shatner posted this on his official Facebook page for the May 4th Star Wars Day celebration.

Since much of the world is already into Thursday…Remembering the Rebel Princess since she isn't here to give me grief about today.😉 @starwars

Posted by William Shatner on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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We love this. It’s wonderful to see that two legends of science fiction were able to become such good friends. It’s going to be a strange Star Wars day not having General Organa to help us celebrate. She really was a remarkable talent and one of the forces of nature that made Star Wars such a success. Just like the passing of Leonard Nimoy forever changed the way Star Trek fans felt about their franchise so the passing of Carrie Fisher will change Star Wars.

May the fourth be with you all today!

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