Star Trek: Discovery set for fall debut


After missing launch dates in January and May 2017, CBS CEO Les Moonves says that Star Trek: Discovery will be released this fall.

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The Star Trek: Discovery rumors had been hinting at a fall release for some time. The biggest stumbling block to a fall debut was of course was the impending writers strike. Now that a writers strike has been avoided it looks like CBS is finally comfortable putting an official fall premiere date out there.

According to the fall debut of Star Trek: Discovery was confirmed by none other than CBS CEO Les Moonves himself during a discussion on the future of the entertainment industry at the Milken Institute Global Conference.

Moonves mostly spoke about Hulu and why CBS is so happy with CBS All Access, but he snuck in the Star Trek: Discovery bombshell at the end. Here’s what Moonves had to say:

"“We felt it was odd taking our content, which is the family jewels, and putting it in an organization with our competitors. So we decided to go our own way and it was a different way to go. Hulu is wildly successful, but CBS All Access, we love what we are doing there. We obviously put The Good Wife spin-off there. We have Star Trek coming in the beginning of the fall. It’s going extremely well.”"

Is it just us or did he almost talk about how great Star Trek: Discovery was going a bit too much. This statement on how well things are going for the troubled show is obviously meant to show support and counter some of the bad press Discovery has gotten recently.

Discovery had been through a lot to get made, but that’s also a right of passage for a Star Trek show. Here’s hoping that it’s smooth sailing from now until the fall premiere.


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