Chris Pine’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue


Chris Pine hosted Saturday Night Live this week and used his monologue to try to explain that he isn’t a Hemsworth brother.

There are a lot of guys named Chris in the movie business right now. Chris Pine is of course Kirk in the Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies and he’s also in the new Wonder Woman movie. Pine used his Saturday Night Live monologue to try to explain that he isn’t Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, he’s Chris Pine.

It was a pretty great


monologue, it even included a Chris Pine song.

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“And you all have those bracelets with like wooden beads from Bali” I lost it at that part.

Overall it was a good episode of Saturday Night Live and Chris did a great job. The only downpoint was the Star Trek sketch. It’s not that Pine’s impression of William Shatner wasn’t great, it’s just that the sketch wasn’t really funny. In fact Pine’s Shatner was the only really funny part of the sketch. We don’t mind that Star Trek was being mocked, in fact we were looking forward to it, we just wish the sketch had been funny.

Pine’s episode did have some other highpoints however. The cotton candy dance party was pretty fantastic.

Be advised I would enjoy having a cotton candy dance party with Chris Pine.

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