The Borg have invaded Star Trek Timelines


The Borg have finally arrived in Star Trek Timelines. Can you fight off the Federation’s greatest threat?

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All May long the popular Star Trek app game Star Trek Timelines is having a Borg event. The Borg are invading from all sides and it’s up to players to see them off. There are distress calls to respond to, weekly events, and Borg gauntlets. We aren’t sure what a Borg gauntlet entails but we have to think it’s worse than Klingon’s with pain sticks.

Star Trek Timelines has been a huge success and is the first Star Trek themed app to have real staying power. Timelines debuted over a year ago and is still going strong. So if you’re looking for a Star Trek game this might be your best bet right now outside of Star Trek Online.

While Star Trek Online is a great game some people don’t love the MMO format. Some players just don’t have the time to pour into a massive online game like Star Trek Online. For them Star Trek Timelines might be the answer. Timelines is available for iOS and Android in their respective app store. This means you can play timelines right on your phone or tablet taking it with you wherever you go.

Check out the trailer for Star Trek Timelines Borg event.

The Borg event for Star Trek Timelines shows that developer Disruptor Beam isn’t just creating a Star Trek game with the plan of gabbing some immediate cash from having a known IP and then moving on. Disruptor Beam is committed to creating a game that’s going to grow over time.

So if you still haven’t jumped into Star Trek Timelines the month of May is a great chance to do it. Why not grab that Borg Queen and Borg Cube and see what you can do? We’re going to be jumping in ourselves and posting a full review of the event next week, it’s time to go to red alert!

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