Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek spoof ‘Orville’ trailer


Get ready to beam up some laughs because we finally have a trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek spoof series ‘Orville.’

The trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s new series Orville reminds me of Spock, because it’s the best of two worlds. The trailer is funny, but also a the work of someone who loves Star Trek and science fiction.

We’ve been excited about Seth MacFarlane’s Orville since we first heard about the series last year. Orville is a Star Trek spoof that follows the adventures of a wacky group of misfits and their ship, the Orville.

Check out the first trailer for



That was just fantastic. The show looks funny and the production values look great. Of course you wouldn’t expect FOX to skimp when it comes to a Seth MacFarlane show.

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What we love most about the trailer is that it’s not all humor. The show is obviously a Star Trek spoof, but it’s not just completely ridiculous. We were worried that Orville would be like the Angie Tribeca or Naked Gun of Star Trek. While ridiculous comedies are fun, we were concerned that if that’s the route Orville took it would have a hard time getting science fiction fans on board.

The jokes seem well timed and aren’t all based on mocking the genre either. There’s going to be plenty of laughs here even for people who aren’t fans of Star Trek or science fiction.

It was also announced today that Orville will officially be part of FOX’s fall lineup. A great looking show, with high production values, that’s on schedule, will be broadcast on a network, and has a firm release date… CBS better start stepping up their game or the spoof may overshadow Star Trek: Discovery.

This isn’t the first foray into space for admitted Trekkie Seth MacFarlane though, he of course also appeared on Star Trek: Enterprise.

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