Star Trek caption this 5/15


Today’s best Star Trek caption this jokes and responses from our Facebook page.

We’ve decided to bring back the daily Star Trek caption this contest on our Facebook page. If you’re to bring it back you have to go big too right?

So let’s get this thing started with Kirk himself.

Two phasers. No waiting. – Christopher Rowe

It’s good to be the king, uh I mean captain. – Michael Alongi

I’m… your huckleberry. – Jamie Cyr

I wear a wig, chicks dig it. – David Reed

Pew pew bitches. – Lauren Marie

Fresh black pepper? – Eric Motsinger

Where’s that punk who said something about my ship? – Michael Giggie

Two guns are ALWAYS better than one. – MikeVera Stanley

How do you do that fidget spinner thing with these? – Joshua Blume

In an alternate universe I’m known as T.J. Laser! – Ken Fordham

The one in the middle is bigger. – John Sellati

This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for shooting, this is for fun… – Samuel Jenkins

When you can’t find an alien to shag – these are the next best thing. – David Lasley

What do you know, Klingon Express is having a buy one get one free sale. – Dave Montes

Hey ladies check out my 3 phasers. The one in the middle is safe in its holster cause it’s set to stun. – Brian Wigginton

This was a great restart to our Star Trek caption this contests! If you want to join in the fun with daily Star Trek trivia, quotes, wallpapers, jokes, memes, and Star Trek captions this contests be sure to follow Red Shirts Always Die on Facebook!

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