CBS flubs the launch of the Star Trek: Discovery trailer


When CBS first launched the Star Trek: Discovery trailer it was only on and that angered some fans.

CBS still doesn’t seem to get the internet. For the first few minutes that the Star Trek: Discovery trailer was available online it was only on The problem with this is that isn’t a great website.

In order to watch the video you had to have flash player installed, and that upset some fans.

Yeah this isn’t a good call on CBS’ part.

And the problems didn’t stop with Flash.

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Yes CBS had the trailer region locked, for some reason.

Now CBS quickly got the trailer on YouTube and Twitter, but this shows a dramatic misunderstanding of the internet. If CBS was determined to release the trailer on their site first they should have made sure that it wasn’t region locked or didn’t require flash. Most people would be trying to watch the trailer on a phone. I know from personal experience that the CBS version wouldn’t play in landscape on a phone.

These problems don’t make me have confidence in CBS All Access. Now surely the All Access team has their act together better than the CBS website, but the fact that this happened at all is ridiculous. How many people saw the flash plugin and then never looked for the trailer again?

Even when CBS is finally giving the fans something substantial from Star Trek: Discovery they manage to mess it up. CBS really is the Cleveland Browns of television networks.

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